Bioletti Blue Plaque to be unveiled

Alberto Bioletti

Bioletti PlaqueJohn Baxter has been an active member of the Wincanton History Society for around 20 years. Some years ago, his interest was caught by the story of one-time Napoleonic soldier and Wincanton resident, Alberto Bioletti, resulting in the book: Surviving Napoleon: The Clockmaker's Tale.

Thanks to John’s tireless work, on 4 March 2023, as part of Wincanton History Society’s first History Day, a blue plaque will be unveiled to record his place in Wincanton’s history, some 200 years after the former Napoleonic prisoner of war settled here.

Later the same day, John Baxter will deliver his talk on the rich story of Alberto Bioletti. Make a bee-line for the Balsam Centre and be in your seat by 2.00pm

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