Notable Locals

16th Century to the present day

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The Old Bailey

Sir James Dyer

Just north of Wincanton to the east of the road to Bruton is a locality known as Roundhill. Here, in 1510 was born a boy who would become a senior personage in the judicial system of England and establish the system of reporting law cases that is still followed today.  Thus, he paved the way for legal precedent, a concept that lies at the heart of our justice system.

By Nevilley at en.wikipedia – w:Image:Oldbaileylondon-900.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ireson Plate

Nathaniel Ireson

Not a native, but by journeying, hard work and ability, acumen and opportunity, Nathaniel Ireson achieved a respected legacy, not least in the town and area he came to call home. A man of the Midlands, he became a reliable and obviously capable master mason, good enough to be trusted by his employer, Smiths of Warwick, to work on the construction of a grand house at Hale in Hampshire.